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 Reconstruction works at shopping centres

Description: Repair works in the territories of three shopping centres – „Mols”, „Dole” and „Spice” have been carried out, and, as a result, the reconstruction of the paving for intersection of  Krasta Street and Dunavas Street, As well as reconstruction of paving for intersection of Maskavas and Eglaines Street have been provided. The traffic lights and traffic signs have been installed and the improvement of the territory for repair works has been performed. The reconstruction of Lielirbes Street, access roads to shopping centre „SPICE and the parking lot also have been carried out, and as a result two lanes were constructed in Lielirbes Street, designed for left turn. Installation of traffic lights, improvement and greening of territory were also provided.

Execution period: 06/2010 – 10/2010.


Reconstruction of Brīvības Avenue in the section from Riga boundary to the boundary of the works for the project „ Reconstruction of the section of Brīvības Avenue at the bridge over the Jugla River”

Description: Milling of asphalt concrete paving and construction of asphalt concrete carriageway paving, construction of concrete curbs for roads, construction of concrete curbs for sidewalks, cleaning of storm water collecting wells and replacement of manhole covers, application of road markings.

Execution period: 12/07/2010 – 29/08/2010.


Bicycle path „Centrs – Berģi” in Riga

Description: The section of network route EuroVelo 10 of bicycle path of European importance in the territory of Riga City. The renovation and construction of bicycle path paving has been carried out in the length of 14 km, street lighting, traffic lights and traffic signs have been installed, as well as underground communications have been rebuilt. The bicycle path starts in Riga City centre – in the intersection of Smilšu Street and Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica Street and continues to the administrative boundary of Riga City.  For the construction of bicycle path the JSC „Ceļu pārvalde” produced and laid the asphalt in red colour for which the special prescription was developed in the laboratory of the enterprise. Such solution is more persistent than red colouring and ensures better road adherence in rainy weather conditions.

Execution period: 11/2009 – 11/2010.


Reconstruction of Krustabaznīcas Street

Description: Reconstruction of carriageway and water-main, construction of storm water drainage, reconstruction of street lighting, communication networks and electricity supply networks.  

Execution period: 05/2010 – 12/09/2010.


Reconstruction of Juglas Street

Description: Construction of street bed, ground excavation/backfill, construction of dolomite chips base, construction of asphalt concrete paving.

Execution period: 06/2009 – 08/2010.


Infrastructure of Mērsrags Port

Description: Construction of asphalt concrete paving.

Execution period: 04/2010 – 05/2010.


Reconstruction of Asara Street and Barona Street in Jelgava

Description: Reconstruction of cobblestone paving in the sections of Asara Street and Barona Street.

Execution period: 30/11/2009 – 11/2010.


Forest roads in the objects of JSC „Latvijas valsts meži”

Description: Construction of four national forest roads: two in Balvi County, one in Rēzekne County and one in Jelgava County. Ground excavation from lateral ditches or embankment for the construction of road bed; construction of frost resistant drainage layer of sand, construction of paving, by using the mixtures of crushed gravel or dolomite chips.

Execution period: 11/2009 – 08/2010.





Renovation of asphalt concrete carriageway for Lielirbes Street in the section from traffic overpass to K. Ulmaņa Avenue in Riga


Description: During the reconstruction the carriageway paving of asphalt concrete has been constructed, the sidewalks of asphalt concrete paving have been constructed, the concrete curbs for roads and sidewalks have been replaced, the ground of green zone has been stabilized, the horizontal thermoplastic road markings have been applied.

Execution period: 05/2009 – 08/2009.


Construction of bicycle path „Mežaparks – Vecāķi” in Riga City

Description: Laying of asphalt concrete paving.

Execution period: 08/2008 – 07/2009.


Reconstruction of state highway of Class II V15 in the section „Rīgas robeža – Silenieki – Puķulejas” in Mārupe County

Description: Laying of crushed stone base and asphalt concrete in two layers, construction of curbs and culverts, reconstruction of sidewalks, descents, intersections and bus stops, renovation of lighting and communications along the entire track.

Execution period: 09/2008 – 05/2009.